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Blind Spot 盲点

A journey of extended vison

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    Every space with security cameras has its blind spot. Our eyes are the cameras that constantly monitor reality. Where is the blind spot of our consciousness? The unseen is ourselves. BlindSpot is an interactive installation that points out the limitation of vision and perception. I believe the reality in which we live is beyond what we observe by our eyes. Depth, for instance, is something we see and don’t see. We think of daily objects as a relationship to it instead of the object itself. I’m attempting to perceive the world not only base on our limited recognition from sight but also reason about the content beyond the vision. In this journey, I hope the participants will gain a new insight of their perception and how they perceive the reality in an unfamiliar way.

    Every space with security cameras has its blind spot. Our eyes are like the cameras that constantly monitor reality. Where is the blind spot of this space? The answer is ourselves. We learn about the world by seeing and touching while our physical body is not part of it.

    Project “BlindSpot” simulates an alternate space where the visitor’s vision is extended by seeing the footage of themselves as part of the space they see in the installation. It emulates an unusual experience that overcomes this existential limitation by creating an intense encounter with the self from an outside perspective that is still your own. Before participants enter the installation, a question will be answered in a written form, “If you meet the person you’ll be in future, what would you say to yourself.” At the same time, he will receive a time ticket. The answer will be transmitted secretly to a shelf by the installation. When the time is up, the user will find the installation and pick a book from the shelf that tagged the same number of the time ticket and enter the installation. The installation will be a dim room, which has three walls of room but one of it is the projection of his vision from the back. Later he will be asked to find a message someone left for him in the book. By doing this, an intense self encounter situation is created. During the visit, the user will be asked to wear headphones, which plays ambient sound and prerecorded sounds. Such experience embodies a fundamental understanding of the limitations in how we perceive the world, and particularly ourselves.

    The goal of BlindSpot for participants is to question their understanding of the relationship between the self and the world it fits in. Also it is attempting to point out the limitation of vision and perception.

    Zeqing Hong

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