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Build Your Financial Fitness

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    Dartboard is a social application that enables people to improve their everyday financial behavior. It brings the powers of networks – openness, collective intelligence, peer encouragement – to the world of personal finance. By monitoring and rating spending activity, it allows users to compare their accomplishments and positive behavior with friends in order to determine one another’s “financial fitness”. Dartboard’s aim is to provide you with the positive motivation necessary to adopt and maintain a financially healthy lifestyle.

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  • Financial anxiety is a major source of concern for people, especially young adults. Most recent college graduates acknowledge that they should be more responsible with their money, but lack the tools necessary to alter their mindset. Existing personal finance services are currently devoid of a friendly and accessible interface that both empowers and motivates its users. The current configurations are such that they are primarily designed for those who are already interested and proactive about managing their money. Dartboard is designed to help bridge this gap.

    Dartboard’s primary aim is to democratize financial awareness. It answers the question: “How can we transform the painful experience of money management and make it both a more enjoyable and measurably beneficial habit?” Positioning short and medium term motivation at the center of the service, Dartboard is built for those who seek additional support managing their money. A simple algorithm creates an understandable and shareable point system that “rates” financial behavior. The overall score and progress can be shared and compared with friends, giving insight into strategies that can lead to enhanced financial fitness. Finally, it provides simple and realistic recommendations to achieve long-term goals.

    At its core, Dartboard revolves around the notion of positively motivating people to fully integrate all aspects of their life: mind, body, and money.


    Visual Design: Daniel Mastretta
    UX Video: Dion Tan
    Illustration Photo: Francisco Anzola, “View from East Village rooftop”
    Also, invaluable was the intellectual, organizational, and writing support provided by Namreta Kumar, Daniel Mastretta, Mae Wiskin, and Angelica Shiwon Jang.

    Gabor Tankovics

    Gabor is a designer, developer, and entrepreneur currently based in New York City. His work focuses on bringing innovative human-centered design to a range of entrepreneurial and personal projects. Prior to joining Parsons, he co-founded an eco-resort operation in Central France. Gabor studied business at HEC Paris and corporate law at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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