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Interactive installation to express dreams

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    DREAM STORAGE is an interactive installation to express the artist’s dream. It introduces the artist’s dream story to the audience with a physical object, a dream box. While audiences are rotating a handle from the dream box, they can see the dream plots which contain the artist’s unconscious mind and personal stories.Through the DREAM STORAGE project, the artist express her dream in her own way. As a graphic designer and a story teller, she express her dream with the creation of gif images. Each gif image contains one dream story.

    The aim for my project is to celebrate myself as a graphic designer and story teller while
    expressing my dreams. I chose a dream for the subject because personally I dream everyday,
    encounter interesting stories and images in the dreams, and have become inspired by dreams for my project. I am interested in objects and stories in dreams which are different from reality. The objects and stories reflect reality, however they are transformed in inexplicable ways, and show up in dreams. I want to catch this interesting transformation and expression. By making a storage for gathering my dream plots, I can see my dream in reality, and do not need to be concerned about losing them.

    Artists who express their dreams into art pieces, such as paintings, drawings, photography,
    sculptures and movies, have their own style to bring the dream into a reality. As a graphic designer and an interactive designer, I wanted to express my dream in more graphical way, and let people have an interaction with my pieces to convey my story. Through watching and having interactions with DREAM STORAGE, audiences will get to know who I am, and be absorbed into my dream.

    Hyun Gou Jo

    Hyungou Jo is a visual communication designer who is passionate about making creative narrative form with great mixture of art and design. She received a BFA in Visual Communication Design at Hongik University in Korea. She is currently majoring MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons the New School for Design in New York city. She worked as a designer / producer with such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc. until she decided to further study the art of design and technology in New York.

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