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Hsin Ning Lee

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Lily’s World

An Immersive Storytelling Experience

  • installation
  • narrative-storytelling
  • virtual-reality
    Thesis Studio

    Anezka Cecile Sebek

    Kan Yang Li

    Writing and Research

    Barbara B. Morris

    Louisa Campbell

    Lily’s World is an immersive storytelling experience which portrays a young girl’s memories in her time capsule.

    Today, many Virtual Reality projects provide gaming experiences. Can the same technology be used to give a deeper, more immersive experience of linear narrative? Based on this question, I started my exploration of Virtual Reality as a storyteller and an animator.

    For my thesis project, I would like to explore an experimental narrative approach by creating an immersive and interactive storytelling experience from the first-person perspective. I believe Head-Mounted Display is potentially a powerful tool to engage the audience in a different way than the traditional screening experience. I would like to use it to immerse the audiences into the emotional journey of Lily.

    Hsin Ning Lee

    Shiny Hsin-Ning Lee is a Taiwan-born, Japan-educated, New York-based multimedia creator. Her areas of interest are animation, motion graphics, storytelling, and virtual reality.

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