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you are inside the game controller

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    Recursion is a Virtual reality game that makes the player feel like he’s inside the game controller. It uses an Oculus rift as a visual output and a 3D printed physical interface as a controller.

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  • The title recursion refers to The experience I want to create in the game, which is the feeling of being inside the controller.

    “Recursion” grew from my thinking of the relationship between reality and virtuality. The difference of them are very ambiguous. And I’m expressing this ambiguity through this game by creating a confusion: is the current me the self manipulating the cubic controller in reality our the self observing it in virtual reality?

    Player can see the room he is in from the Oculus. The orientation of the cube mirrors the orientation of the space in the game. So when the controller is rotated the room in the game space sill also rotate. Player is challenged to explore the game through this interplay. The main mechanic of the game is manipulating the orientation of the space to go over obstacles in each scene.

    The narration of the game is that the player is trapped in a recursive virtual space, and you have to collect the golden flags in each scene to escape from the virtuality.

    The enclosure of the game controller is 3d printed. There is an IMU board inside it collecting the orientation data of the cube and send it through Xbee to a receiver on the computer side.

    Hang Ye

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