Peiying Feng

Peiying Feng is an interdisciplinary designer and artist currently based in New York who occasionally goes by Cathy. She's interested in pretty much every sort of design under the sun and loves to try new things. Her latest new thing is creating games. In her spare time, you can find her making stuff, reading good books in bed or plotting theoretical schemes to take over the world.


Tap That

Tap That is a mobile game that aims to teach players basic information about sexually transmitted infections.

Tap That is a mobile game being developed for Android and iOS that aims to teach the basics about sexually transmitted infections to players from the ages of 13 to 15. However players of different ages may also benefit from playing the game. In the game, players become a guardian angel who must make sure their sexually active human charges stay healthy and alive. This becomes challenging as there is a monster who is intent on eating your human charges by infecting the humans that come into contact with your charges with sexually transmitted infections. Players, as the guardian angel, must use tools available to them (condoms, vaccinations, checkups, cures and treatments) to ensure their charges stay in good health until they manage to starve the monster to its demise. The game requires a focus to detail and quick decision making as the number of human charges increases and the number of infections players have to keep track of increases through level.

By using colorful and minimalistic visualizations as well as constantly testing and improving game mechanics, Tap That aims to turn an unappealing topic into something that is more approachable and appealing to teenage audiences in hopes that they will learn enough from it to engage in safe sex when the time comes.

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