Olga Yakovleva

I am a design and technology specialist. My primary focuses are creative design and management of interactive projects, UX / UI design and art direction. My experience includes graphic design, animation, web development and video editing. I also have experience with creative coding and sound design. I like to explore new technologies and learn ways to utilize them in different environments and design.


Sounds and Urban Environment

This thesis project is an art installation that helps identify effects of noises that we are surrounded with in our various environments.

I am trying to represent the effects of different noises on people’s health. I also would like to educate and persuade people to avoid unnecessary noises that lead us to unhealthy conditions. This topic interests me because I am sensitive to noise and it seems to me that people living in the city continue to lose their private quiet spaces. I want to understand how other people feel about and react to sounds in the city. I want to explore the interaction between the human brain and body as well as positive and negative effects of sound in our daily life.

My project is focused on citizens of big cities specifically, but is also for anyone that would like to learn more about the noises that we are surrounded with in our various environments. The audience encounters the subject matter of my presentation on a daily basis in big cities. I am planning to present my project at Parsons. In the real world, my project would be presented at a gallery space or at an exhibition.