Karen Lorena Mercado Campos

I am an assiduous quester of knowledge, occasional purveyor of wisdom, and also, coincidentally, a designer. I have this urgency for devouring life and find passion in creating visual stuff. I hope you like my work!



Awakening is a narrative video game that teaches the player Spanish

Awakening lives as a narrative video game with learning Spanish as a core mechanic. I am doing this because I’ve found out that powerful storytelling is a great tool for learning. For this I am drawing on the precedents of using video gaming as a learning tool (Digital game-based learning ) DGBL are “any learning games on a computer or online” this covers different types of games used in teaching simply as learning games. Video games can be immensely engaging, captivating players’ attention for hours and days. Learning, in general, does not happen instantly buy often requires repetition, practice and simply time. Thus, if something can be learned from games, it might be likely to happen because people easily spend more time playing than doing
many other things.

I am also drawing on the precedent of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are activated whenever we experience something throughout some other interaction than our own.  Mirror neurons are a key component of effective storytelling. When we read a great novel or watch an engaging movie, our brains sync with the story, causing us to experience the protagonist’s fear, sadness or joy as if it were our own.