QiuYi Wu

QiuYi Wu graduated from RIT, New Media Design & Imaging in 2012, and began the MFADT program at Parsons. She's passionate about making dynamic visuals, such as 2D graphics, 3D motion graphics and real-time generative arts, into music, dance, drama performances, and videos.

Fri. May 16, 3:15pm

Experiential (Group 1)

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5pong – the battle machine

Projection-mapped modular dance floor

5 PONG is an Old Skool dance battle machine for freestyle dance sessions and jams.
5 PONG is a projection mapping system using two projectors that map onto an 8'x8' modular wood dance floor. You can choose dance move icons (yes, those cartoon stickers represent dance moves!) and trigger VisualFX using an arcade Boombox.

Thesis Faculty

Anthony Deen

Writing & Research Faculty

Andrew Zornoza