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Jorge Proaño is interested in how the design practice can enhance culture and technology.

Fri. May 16, 4:47pm

Really Big Data

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Amalgam transforms the news back into structured data, creating a conveniently organized archive of what is soon to become history.

News is the lens through which we frame our world. Increasingly, it is becoming the tool by which we write History. Today, almost everything gets recorded on the internet. Over time it is becoming increasingly difficult to search for and contextualize events.
Even with access to every record, we struggle to stay well informed because the web is, largely, an unstructured system of data. Our favorite websites frame selections of data for us.

Amalgam, specifically, generates context and connections from news sources.
It reads every article posted by mainstream news organizations, and extracts meta-data embedded within those articles: who, what, where and when. The system analyzes this meta-data, and identifies connections between articles. With these connections it can generate context and meta-stories.

But unlike other websites, Amalgam, at its core, is open. It’s an API that enables developers to analyze, re-organize, and create visualizations of the network of information. It makes it possible to unders

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