Carrol Tingjian Shen

Carrol is a graphic and interactive designer, born and raised in Shanghai. She moved to New York to pursue an MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons the New School for Design. Now she focuses on motion graphics and interactive installations.

Fri. May 16, 3:03pm

Experiential (Group 1)

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Beyond Sight

Beyond Sight investigates the potential outcomes of prioritizing touch and sound rather than vision as the primary mode of engaging with an interface.

This project is driven by the question of why the sensing modality of touch is important, and what can be provided by touch that vision can't offer. Beyond Sight illustrates that the experience of touch plays a vital role in the process of creative thinking. The final product is an interactive installation that has 34 different textures that are built inside an enclosure. These various textures create a maze game that helps people engage in the experience. Users can get a new experience of perceiving objects through the sense of touching and hearing rather than seeing.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Melanie Crean

Spring: John Sharp

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Christine Prentice-Popken

Spring: Ethan Silverman