Alex Samuel

Alex Samuel is a coder and copywriter who is passionate about code-based interactions that encourage and augment the way people consume news. In addition to her thesis, she has spent the last year working with classmates to launch, a platform she hopes will impact the future of magazines. Prior to Parsons, Alex worked as an editor at Condé Nast for five years and still freelances.

Sat. May 17, 4:31pm

Information Instruments

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An online newsfeed that filters and curates top news read by people in your area without the removing the serendipitous discovery of browsing your favorite newspaper.

Bodegga is a web application that explores how a publication can bridge the gap between digital publishing and a user’s lifestyle to create a more intuitive way to read the news. The site cross-references a user's location with the most read content by other people nearby, creating a "Most Read" list of stories fueled by seamless secondary-gatekeeping.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Sven Travis

Spring: Katherine Moriwaki

Writing & Research Faculty

Louisa Campbell