Mauricio Sanchez Duque

I am Mauricio, a Colombian designer who worked as an industrial designer prior to joining the MFA Design and Technology program. Before Parsons, I did product development, focusing on furniture and lighting. Then I worked in digital fabrication, which was my first exposure to technology. During my time here at Parsons, I built upon my existing skill set, focusing on experiential projects that connect hardware and software to create unique experiences.

Fri. May 16, 6:47pm


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An exploration of code as a vehicle to teach math concepts.

CodeMath explores the similarities and connections between code and math. Coding actively reveals math's practical application, by visualizing the consequence of the math and providing immediate feedback in response to any change.

The way we learn math at school--a repetitive process of writing equations and solving exercises on paper--hasn't changed in 20 years. With access to modern technology, educators can enable new learning methods. Through the logic of code, with a foundation of algebra, students can explore the application of math for self-expression.

CodeMath is a series of mini-exercises, each building upon what came before, with a focus on the topics of variables, Cartesian planes, and functions. Through the use of intuitive and interactive elements, students gain a clear understanding of the practical application of the concepts. This project is the first step toward developing a high-school curriculum to complement traditional math classes.

Thesis Faculty

Marko Tandefelt

Writing & Research Faculty

Loretta Wolozin