Salome Asega

Salome Asega is a Brooklyn based human and designer. Her practice is participatory welcomes dissensus as much as consensus. She is co-director of Sidewalk Assembly, a group of resource mappers, public interventionists, and jaywalkers.

Sat. May 17, 2:37pm

Storytelling (Group 1)

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Crown Heights Mic

A collaboratively built broadcast network in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

The Crown Heights Mic is a broadcast network collaboratively built by neighborhood stakeholders and residents. Through several sound funnels scattered around the neighborhood, we are able to hear the health of our neighborhood through each other's voices. These sound funnels are planted on the side of buildings and strategically mapped in front of the sites we already congregate--schools, religious centers, and libraries. This network creates a safe and anonymous forum that is determined, used, and sustained by those of us present and on the streets.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Marko Tandefelt

Spring: Melanie Crean

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Loretta Wolozin

Spring: Andrew Zornoza