Joseph Moore

I am a media artist / software engineer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I played the accordion in a punk-polka band in high school, speak fluent Portuguese, which is helpful in talking to my half-Brazilian daughter, and I was twice forced to sleep in an open air train station in Brussels during the fall and then winter. But most importantly, I like to play with code and reality, and try to make things that are fun, interesting, and of some use to someone somehow.

Fri. May 16, 5:38pm

Play (Group 1)

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Dumb Songs

Creation play experience that results in a musical collaboration.

Dumb Songs is a two player musical toy that illustrates how a playful mind makes for better collaboration and creativity, effectively revealing the power of creation play that results in a complete creative artifact.

The piece uses physical controllers to send MIDI notes and control signals to Ableton Live, creating a musical environment for two people. The controls' touchability combined with the whimsical treatment of the game's display engenders a childlike abandon amongst players that better facilitates a fun and creative experience.

Thesis Faculty

Marko Tandefelt

Writing & Research Faculty

Loretta Wolozin