Decho Pitukcharoen

Hello, I'm Decho a creative Ux / Ui designer.

Sat. May 17, 3:11pm

Experiential (Group 2)

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Interactive installation about online chat + facial expression.

Online communication is often misinterpreted, especially when the sole means of connecting with another individual is through text. EmotiChat is an installation that aims to discover if text based communication can be manipulated to better convey each participants emotion within a conversation.

EmotiChat uses computer vision, facial recognition and biological data technologies in order to enrich the chat room experience. EmotiChat is not a tool, but rather an experiment to provoke thought within the user in the hopes that they reconsider the quality of their ability to communicate in digital environments.

EmotiChat is a critical design piece that focuses on interactions in online chat rooms. Even though online communication tools, especially chat applications, have features to express our facial expression and emotions; for example, emoticons, icons or video cam, they still lack genuine ways to express your facial expression through conversations.

Nowadays, there are a lot of chat programs that use emoticons t

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Melanie Crean

Spring: Katherine Moriwaki

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Christine Prentice-Popken

Spring: Louisa Campbell