Agustina Jacobi

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Graphic Designer and huge lover of Animation. In 2011 I started my own creative studio, Diseño Crónico, with Carolina de Pamphilis. Diseño Crónico drastically improved my life. I believe every project is a challenge, an adventure, and it makes me want to change the world around us through creative work. Inspired by this wish and motivated to pursue further studies in the field, I moved to NYC and focused my studies in learning Motion Graphics and Animation.

Fri. May 16, 3:54pm

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Animated Short Film

Face, an animated short film, is a social parable about how technology and society force us to wear masks which create the different personae we present to the world.

Our face is the part of our physical appearance that defines us the most. The main character in Face questions his self worth and therefore wants to hide his identity wearing a mask.

Thesis Faculty

John Sharp

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Barbara Morris

Spring: Ethan Silverman