Samir Naimi

Samir is an artist and designer from California. He comes from a Graphic Design background and has spent the last few years in New York integrating his design sensibilities within the field of technology. He prides himself on using critical thinking to create simple solutions.

Sat. May 17, 5:38pm


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Flocking is a mobile application that allows its users to discover and share fleeting events occurring nearby.

We are so overscheduled that we even schedule our free time. We don't know how to be spontaneous.

Flocking allows users to pivot throughout their day. It provides a platform for users to chose what they want to do, when they have the time to do it. It is a guide for explorers, letting them discover all the exciting events they are near and giving them a chance to experience them before they are gone for good.

Community members post about events they are attending, while others vote on what is most appealing to them. This provides users of the application with a real time map of all the popular events presently taking place nearby.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Marko Tandefelt

Spring: John Sharp

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Loretta Wolozin

Spring: Ethan Silverman