Li Wen Chang (Peter)

Hi! This is Li Wen Chang. I am an interaction designer, mainly focusing on UX/UI and Graphic design. I also develop front-end coding of web applications and visual development of various interactive installations. I love to implement creative ideas into real practice and see how people react to the result! I am currently a graduate student of Parsons Design and technology and self employed designer.

Fri. May 16, 6:26pm

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An interactive web base mystery game about loneliness and companionship

"Gone" is a web-based mystery game that raises questions about loneliness and companionship. It opens with a Chinese student who has been missing for a month and no one knows where she went and why. The mission is to find the reasons why she's gone according to the conversations she had, the things she left and her diary. Users can pick questions to ask the target, read the diary and unlock new clues to find the answers. The game will lead to an open-ended result, leaving room for players to expand their imaginations. The core of the project is to remind audience’s own circumstances in society, friendship, love and loneliness. Using a game engages people who might have no interest in social and cultural issues to get involved more spontaneously. The narrative of this game will be fictional but based on real stories collected from international students who are experiencing similar issues. What shows on the interface can be real and unreal simultaneously. No matter what the truth is within the mystery, Gone encourages users to fee

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