Seungkyun Lee

Born in New York and raised in 7 different countries, I am keen on studying human interactions, cultures and languages. Now I am back in New York as a designer, exploring the intersection between the digital and physical worlds. Side note: I make good sloth illustrations.

Sat. May 17, 12:39pm

Critical & Speculative (Group 1)

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You, me, present.

HandsON is an interactive installation that explores interpersonal relationship and connection. In today’s highly networked and tethered society, I feel that we are allowing less and less time to share a moment of direct contact with one another. My project is a reaction to such phenomenon, and it works with three main elements--mirrors, lighting and people--to create a sense of connection between two participants. I hope to inspire the participants to think about what contact and connection mean in today’s society.

Thesis Faculty

Marko Tandefelt

Writing & Research Faculty

Loretta Wolozin