Jackie Neon

A New York City native. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago with a concentration in Sound Art. She spent time as a production assistant for The Onion, taught grade school through high school and exhibiting her work before attending Parsons. She is inspired by the people and places around her; pulling from a multitude of materials to accomplish her artistic vision.

Sat. May 17, 3:17pm

Experiential (Group 2)

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Hi Hi

Stuff to make you think and smile, in order to have a better day.

Hi Hi is a box of activities that aim to promote behavior that leads to feeling of happiness. The Hi Hi box is for playing, sharing, and reflection, all of will guide the user to a feelings of happiness. By developing artifact that create happier users, we will end up with happier people. Happy people are more creative, alert and altruistic. In today’s world of Technology things are changes the way we do daily activities. Even small changes can have ever lasting effects. What Hi Hi suggests is integrating happiness-promoting behaviors into the design of artifacts replacing the need to creating gratification as an element of the user experience.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Sven Travis

Spring: Katherine Moriwaki

Writing & Research Faculty

Louisa Campbell