Mennie Hsiu Ying Shen

I am a { Visual Designer } with a | Journalism | and | Graphic Design | background. My works mix graphic design, data visualization, hand-drawing, and printing. I love these things. I also love seeing things come together beautifully, both visually and conceptually.

Sat. May 17, 1:48pm

Critical & Speculative (Group 2)

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An installation that enables the audience to capture the ephemeral process of writing by hand.

Lettergraphy captures the dynamic movements involved in producing a handwritten message, and transforms this one-time process into a permanent digital printing. The printing thus becomes an unique piece of mediated memory, which belongs only to this ephemeral experience.

A person’s handwriting is a unique visual signature that contains not only the linguistic contents but also the affection toward the message's recipient. But we are seldom aware of the emotions and mentality influencing the writing process, and we are not able to capture or see this information through regular writing practice. Though digital technology seems to have replaced writing by hand as the primary means of communication, the uniqueness of handwriting and its manifestation of intimate affection toward another person still have no effective digital analogue. However, with the assistance of technology it is possible to capture these formerly invisible elements.

Lettergraphy translates the process of writing by hand into a graphical informati

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