Viki Hristova

I am Viktoria Hristova from Varna, Bulgaria. In school I have received numerous certificates of acknowledgment for my artistic abilities, participated in a great amount of art exhibitions and have won several awards. I am inspired by my travels and the unique qualities of each place I visit. I enjoy experimenting with different artistic materials, and combining them in my art pieces. This has led to my passion for making collages. I enjoy the non-traditional process, which results in an abstract piece of art.

Fri. May 16, 4:08pm

Storytelling (Group 2)

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A digital interactive story addressing environmental change that combines 2D and 3D platforms.

Lilythia is an interactive digital children’s book about a changing utopia that adapts to its environment. The interaction allows the user to control the viewpoint of the camera on each page and allows them to explore the environment freely by walking through it. Each page is animated individually, bringing the setting to life. Lilythia combines a gaming environment with a digital book narrative, resulting in a unique approach to storytelling.

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