Jeannette Subero

Venezuelan architect oriented towards Interaction Design and Physical Computing. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Sat. May 17, 2:13pm

Storytelling (Group 1)

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Little J

Children's Interactive Book

I am driven to help children make sense of the complexities and realities of the adult world. Fundamental concepts of democracy, human rights and freedom are often taught as abstract theoretical concepts, but hardly ever taught practically with real world examples that children can understand. The idea is to teach young minds these concepts in such a way as to correlate with the ‘real world’ by framing them with approachability and novelty.

In countries where these concepts are restricted, censored, and sometimes even non existent, children can grow up without questioning their rights, thinking that the status quo is as it is and will always be that way. But what if they understood from a young age that their voice is important, that they are meant to be heard, and that an idea can change perspectives?

I am making an interactive book for children with the goal of helping them to understand basic concepts of democracy and encourage them to use their voice.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: John Sharp

Spring: Colleen Macklin

Writing & Research Faculty

Barbara Morris