Matt Felsen

Hi there. I'm a creative coder & technologist based in New York. I'm interested in all things that lie at the intersection of design & tech, from data visualization to interactive installations, projection mapping, and physical computing. I also love architecture and history. When I can, I enjoy riding my bike, snowboarding, and sailing.

Sat. May 17, 3:35pm

Experiential (Group 2)

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Lost Landmarks

Explore New York's forgotten past

Each day we walk through a city with an amazingly rich history, full of iconic landmarks. However, many of these places can't be seen anymore because they no longer exist, lost perhaps to demolition in the way of progress or to untimely fire.

This spring, take a trip back in time with Lost Landmarks. At sites throughout Manhattan, peer through a familiar Tower Optical Co. viewer but see something completely unexpected – images of the same location from over 100 years ago!

This classic binocular viewer has been reimagined and updated with digital technologies to provide a window into the past.

Thesis Faculty

Anthony Deen

Writing & Research Faculty

Andrew Zornoza