Bernardo Schorr

Bernardo is a New York City based Creative Technologist. Originally from Brazil, he’s known to have worked on robots, installations, immersive environments, heartbeat pillows and data visualization pieces. He has published papers in various conferences and exhibited work in Brazil and in the U.S. He also makes pitch black coffee and amazing pancakes.

Sat. May 17, 12:15pm

Critical & Speculative (Group 1)

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Mixed Reality Living Spaces

Shape shifting environment for very small spaces

“Mixed Reality Living Spaces” is an utopian solution for a dystopian scenario.

In the near future, a good part of the world’s urban population will be forced to live in windowless apartments with areas limited to 100 square feet. When the time comes that we have to live in such tight units, digital technologies will allow us to immerse ourselves in different spaces within the same environment, providing a relief from the sensation of confinement. Through digital augmentation, each person will live in a space that is presented in several different forms throughout a normal day.

Modular pieces of furniture were conceived to be rearranged in various forms. Each different arrangement is recognized in real time by the environment, which sets the mood and decoration accordingly. The same room serves as bedroom, office, dining room, home theater and library.

In this future, part of our existence will truly, physically, extend into the digital world – our life will exist in a Mixed Reality.

Thesis Faculty

Marko Tandefelt

Writing & Research Faculty

Loretta Wolozin