Francesca Maria Castelli

Francesca is an interaction designer, born and raised in Milan, Italy. She graduated twice from Politecnico di Milano, in Industrial Design and Communication Design, and before landing in NYC and starting MFADT, she lived and worked in Australia, Netherlands and Miami, where she learned to love surfboards, bikes and cuban coffee. Ever since she tried to combine all she learned during every experience in a multidisciplinary design approach.

Fri. May 16, 6:50pm


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A curated online experience focused on documenting manual knowledge and enabling an easier transfer of it through digital technologies

Manual skills, result of centuries of perfecting arts and artisanal knowledge, are slowly dying off. One of the causes is the contemporary disposable culture, another the slow disappearance of the educational model of mentorship in workshops and artisanal realities. This break in the knowledge transmission is great cultural loss and these skills are almost impossible to preserve if they skip a generation, given the ephemeral nature of gestuality and manual knowledge.

Motus is a platform to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, possessed by artisans, to others generations to come, and to create a living archive of it. Motus wants to test how ephemeral knowledge can benefit from contemporary technologies and at the same time serve as a preserving method for these disappearing techniques.

The platform will guide the user through a studied set of questions, to which it’s possible to answer with different media. The result of the answers and uploads together will form an articulated and multifaceted narrative.

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