Quincy Bock

Quincy is an interaction designer who likes making things out of pixels, code, electronics, words, wood or yarn. She is most interested in making equality and education (especially science!) more exciting and attainable. Quincy likes to user-test her creations and eat beans.

Sat. May 17, 5:12pm


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A Couples App for Household Chores

Pairity is a mobile application designed to help new couples move towards more equal distribution of time spent on household chores, while also establishing stronger, happier and more balanced relationships through mediated communication and awareness. The app walks couples through conversations to clarify what is important in their home, understand their current allocation of household responsibilities, and establish goals. It then helps them remain cognizant with the aid of a physical module which functions in conjunction with their app.

Pairity is one instantiation of a technology designed with the promotion of gender equality integrated into the design process, seeking to prove that designing for gender equality is an inherently good design practice.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Sven Travis

Spring: Marko Tandefelt

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Louisa Campbell

Spring: Loretta Wolozin