Veronica Black

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, raised in Alaska, Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and a minor in Studio Art at New Mexico Highlands University. Has experience in graphic design, website development, and video installation for museums and non-profit. She enjoy telling stories; her own or collaborating and sharing with others.

Sat. May 17, 1:14am

Critical & Speculative (Group 2)

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Perishable Bodies

Garments made from food that are an interpretation of the skin as a metaphor.

My thesis is exploring the skin as metaphor by designing a series of materials that will be an interpretation of distorted body image and eating disorders to help me recover from my eating disorder. I developed these materials, which will cover the body as a second skin, through a combination of research on wearable technology, sustainable material, and distorted body image.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Melanie Crean

Spring: Katherine Moriwaki

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Christine Prentice-Popken

Spring: Louisa Campbell