Nori Yuki

Nori is an artist and engineer based in New York and Tokyo. His art practice involves observing people, hacking electronic circuits, and coding, all of which often leads to the creation of experimental installations.

Fri. May 16, 2:51pm

Experiential (Group 1)

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An interactive installation that investigates the cross-modal relationship between expectations and actual sensations.

The following scenario was conceptualized with the intention to manipulate the audiences’ expectations and then surpass them.

Visitors come into a dimly-lit room and see a water tank placed on a low table. They walk closer to the tank and look down into it. Suddenly, they notice mist rising from the surface of the water. They realize that the mist is glowing, illuminated by LEDs below the water's surface. Then they notice that their portraits are being projected by the LEDs onto the mist. As they move around the front of the tank, the image matches their movement as it is captured in real time by a camera mounted on the edge of the tank. The visitors become curious and intrigued, and move even closer to the tank, perhaps even trying to touch the portrait or blowing the mist away. As they interact with the mist, they also interact with their own image.

Thesis Faculty

John Sharp

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Barbara Morris

Spring: Ethan Silverman