Yi Ning Huang

Yi Ning is a designer who is interested in interaction design, creative coding, and art installation. She uses digital technology to experiment and make communication dynamic.

Sat. May 17, 3:41pm

Experiential (Group 2)

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Vision does not determine reality. Only with one’s rational mind can truth be established.

Replica is an installation that deals with memory and self-perception.

It is inevitable for memories to come back to us. They return regularly and without notice.

Digital technology creates a new dimension, making alternative perspectives possible. People see themselves represented in the digital dimension and new forms of self-dialogue are created.

Replica allows people to explore themselves in a manner they are not familiar with, often leaving them surprised by what they see. The digital representation of an individual draws in their attention, while the visual imagery begins to form new memories, mixing with actuality and blurring the lines of what is real.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Anthony Deen

Spring: Katherine Moriwaki

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Andrew Zornoza

Spring: Louisa Campbell