Susse Sønderby Jensen

Susse is a Danish-born interaction designer engaged in challenging social and educational systems through playful experiences. She is fueled by open source technologies, embedded electronics and pushing the boundaries between learning, adapting and making.

Sat. May 17, 4:13pm

Information Instruments

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Shape of Experience

An interactive platform that explores the online representation of skills, experience and education by combining a user's online identity and professional portfolio.

Shape of Experience examines the representation of skills and online identities from a design and user experience perspective. The project challenges the users to explore the aspects of creating a digital résumé and how their identity online fits into this process. It considers the role of interactive technologies and strives to design a dynamic and unique experience for the reader who is viewing the user’s online professional profile.

Shape of Experience aims to reveal the depth of a résumé and encourage the use of social media and virtual tools to support and validate events represented on an online résumé. The project responds to the decisions and ongoing processes of shaping an online professional path as well as the individual’s role in creating and reiterating their résumé.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Sven Travis

Spring: Colleen Macklin

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Louisa Campbell

Spring: Barbara Morris