Joori Lee

Joori (Julie) lee is currently pursuing a MFA program at Parsons School of Design studying Design and Technology.

Sat. May 17, 3:23pm

Experiential (Group 2)

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Sky line

mobile application

Everyone has dreams; dreams of the future; their own dreams.
-Make a wish for you, your friends and the heavens.

Skyline is a mobile iPhone application that enables you to write a thought or wish, locate it at any point in the sky, and share it with others.  

You can place Skywrite messages anywhere in the world for your friends to see. To find a message, you are encouraged to go to a physical location and look up to find it.

Skyline connects the perspective of our mobile screens with the overarching perspective of the sky to broaden that space of expression. 

The designs of Skyline set out to rethink how asking urban dwellers to project their dreams, wishes and thoughts into the sky might open their sense of space and promote freedom of expression. Skyline suggests a new way for people to take a break from their routine and connect with one another, making use of the sky as that network for connection.

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Melanie Crean

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Andrew Zornoza