Li Chung Chang (George)

Hi this is Li Chung Chang. As a designer, I'm interested in Interaction, user interface and user experience. In my opinion, these aspects of practice all come back to story-telling in the end, which I value the most throughout the design process. In this tech age, everything shifts so fast, but I believe that technologies with interesting stories and meaning will last. For my projects, I strived to convey good stories and concepts with the tools I have in hand and try to intrigue and inspire others.

Fri. May 16, 4:14pm

Storytelling (Group 2)

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The Diaspora

A web-based platform which provides information addressing cultural issues

The Diaspora is a web based project that explores how Asian internationals in New York feel about their original culture after dislocation. This project includes stories and perspectives of 20 internationals from China, Korea, India, Taiwan and Thailand. It shares their personal views on the cultural values they hold on to the most, and those cultural values they want to leave behind.
The Diaspora hopes to spread awareness of how we are changed after being dislocated and how globalization has affected us.

Thesis Faculty

Melanie Crean

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Christine Prentice-Popken

Spring: Andrew Zornoza