Carla Marin

With a passion for illustration, my fields of interest combine the worlds of motion, interaction and visual development.

Fri. May 16, 7:11pm


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The Nns

A DIY kit for children that serves as a first approach to basic circuitry through character design.

As a daughter of an electrical engineer, I remember how every school project was an opportunity to team up with my dad and work for hours during the weekends.

Still, I was never intrigued by the electric part of his profession. Visually, electronics did not appeal to me, and frankly, the visual complexity scared me. In my mind I always thought, “where can I draw?”

But what if I had experienced circuitry in an artistic way? What if circuitry could be combined with art, acting as the trigger to explore?

The goal of my thesis project is to engage art-driven toddlers (ages 4-5) with circuitry in a simple, intimate, and playful way. It is an alternative for children to experience electronics through narrative and character design in the context of parent-child play.

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Thesis Faculty

John Sharp

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Barbara Morris

Spring: Ethan Silverman