Justin Charles

Justin Charles is a interaction designer and front-end developer. His research focuses on the act of collecting and contextualizing what we find on the web. The past year he has worked with classmates to launch Glossy.io, a tool for visually exploring online magazines. Previously he worked at Flavorpill, RCRD LBL, and Dossier Journal.

Sat. May 17, 4:07pm

Information Instruments

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Visually associative storage and organization of web media

Trails is a tool for organizing all the stuff you find on the web. Users can save, annotate, tag, and share URLs as they would with most bookmarking apps. What sets Trails apart is the way users can interact with bookmarks after having saved them. Choosing resources from their personal collections, users can lay bookmarks out in the Trails interface and make sense of them by drawing connections that illustrate specific relationships between resources, writing notes about these connections or the grouping as a whole, and saving these groupings so that they may be shared or further developed.

In the long term, another layer of interaction will be added in which users will be enabled to compare items in their collections with other users, seeing ways in which specific resources were linked and commented upon differently, offering broader and deeper perspective on an artifact and its context.

By providing a sandbox where users can play with their collections, the app becomes a tool that helps us make meaning from the in

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Spring: Melanie Crean

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