Zixin Wang

My name is Z. I was born in 1990. Machines fuel my life. My phone, my printer and my triple heart bypass are all machines. Even a deeper part of me is a machine, the cold, logical, productive part. I despise that part, although I love it as well. So what I do is make art. I’m very good at making animatronics and robotic sculptures. Video art is my other big interest. I’m also very skilled at physical computing, Processing, openFrameworks, web and graphic design.

Fri. May 16, 3:21pm

Experiential (Group 1)

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Without You

performative machines

This project is about a group of twelve machines. They come to life by
mimicking human traits, actuating different kinds of motion mechanisms
when powered by electricity. The central machine performs a lap dance
scenario while surrounded by eleven machines viewing the action. Each
viewer has its unique reaction to the dance. The dance consists of a
dancer and a subject that receives the dance merging into a single
entity. The project is a performance of machines having fun by
themselves, for themselves.

Thesis Faculty

Anthony Deen

Writing & Research Faculty

Andrew Zornoza