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    Bury is a prototype for intellectual and adaptive clothing that combines protection with style. It is a vision for how pollution will affect our lives and the ways we will respond.

    This garment protects the wearer by using reflective fabrics to increase their visibility in dim daylight which results from heavily polluted air. Its unique facial covering allows the wearer to wear a filtration mask without compromising his or her style.

    More importantly the garment illustrates an environment where we have almost depleted the protection of our atmosphere. We are, almost, completely out of air.

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  • Living in large cities like Shanghai and Beijing means constant sacrificing of one’s health, safety and comfort because of the harsh urban environment. Increasingly, there are cities in China with worsening air pollution and unpredicted weather. While people are wearing protective clothing and accessories, they are also seeking to do so with style.

    The current clothing industry has not yet successfully combined functional clothing for facing specific urban conditions like air pollution with style. But Bury addresses itself to this specific need with its first line of protective fashion wear.
    Photo by Alex Tosti.

    Yuchen Zhang

    Yuchen Zhang is a designer originally from China now lives in New York City. She is currently a grad student at Parsons the New School. During the years in her undergrad degree in Maryland Institute College of Art, she worked with and Pentagram, under Abbott Miller’s Team. After graduation she had the fortunate to work with the amazing team at the branding consultancy, Red Antler in New York City. Now her work in design as expanded to developing new technology, fashion and product design focusing in new possibilities for human living environments.

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