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Jiaqi Liu

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A Design Fiction

  • narrative-storytelling
  • speculative-critical
    Thesis Studio

    David R. Carroll

    Katherine Moriwaki

    Writing and Research

    Andrew Zornoza

    I’m creating Junopolis, a design fiction.

    It is about a world that mirrors my own perception of reality and approach to existence independent of logic.

    I have a habit of delving too deeply into minority group and subculture genres but ending up, perhaps, even more confused than I started.
    The matter is not to find a community that I belong to. Maybe the issue is to create my own world, my own personal subculture, that has a new sets of rules which only apply to myself.

    Challenging notions of ‘one’ or ‘conventional’ reality, Junopolis is an illustration of the individual artist’s quest for their own world reality. Defying ideas of absolutes and binaries, Junopolis exists in a flux, neither here nor there, not in a fixed postcode, and as a manifestation of signifiers rather than the signified, hence leaving room for interpretation and personal realities rather than literal intentions.

    The concept of Junopolis is being illustrated through a synecdoche. A section of this world is being created using psychologically-based sound fusion, artwork installation and minimalistic projection mapping representing life in Junopolis.

    The experience invites the audience to exercise their emotional muscle over the logical and explore means of existence not dependent on singularity, the literal and simplistic understanding of order and chaos.

    Jiaqi Liu

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