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develop a habit of eating fresh fruits

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    Fruity is mobile app which encourages urbanites to eat seasonal fruits, remind and record eating fruits, and give suggestions for reusing fruits. With this app, people would have fun of eating fruits and learn more about fruits while developing the habit of eating fruits.

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  • Fruits are the gifts given by the nature. They are one of the ways that we connect with the nature. By eating fruits, we enjoy the nature, communicate with the nature and respect the nature.

    However, when moving to big cities, living alone, starting fast-pace life, makes us forget caring about others, contacting our family, or eating fruits. The fruits that we forget to buy, the fruits that we forget to eat, the fruits that we spend time and money to buy but ends in being rotten and thrown away.

    Fruity focuses on making eating fruits easy and fun. It gives users what kind of fruits should be eaten at this time, and keep track of the fruits that users have, and put notifications to remind users to eat them.

    For now, fruity is paid more attention about the user interface and user experience design.

    Yun Zhou

    As an UI/UX designer based in New York, Yun is excited about solving any kinds of problems using her design skills. With the experience of being a developer and craftswoman, she always tries to find a way of realizing her ideas and be a doer. She believes the best way of knowing ourselves is to know the world, so she never let go of any chance of exploring. Being curious all the time is her mindset and her faith.

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