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    Splitting is an exploration into our methods of devaluation and idealization. William returns to the home of his deceased parents and faces their truths. Through a series of memories, he must reflect on their lives.

    Splitting, a narrative game, critiques our methods of devaluation and idealization. These defense mechanisms, used to soften our reality, prevent individuals from accepting their true reality. Splitting allows players to reflect on their perception of reality, with and without such methods.

    Those closest to us are ideal targets for our idealization. A child’s relationship with their parents continuously presents situations where idealization occurs. In Splitting, William relives conflicting situations of his upbringing. Delving into topics such as alcoholism and infidelity, Splitting aims not to label good and evil, but rather allow the player to find the space in between.

    There is no black, there is no white. All we have is grey. Splitting exists on these principles. Context is reality. Without acknowledging context, we actively attempt to live in a false reality. Accepting reality, living in the truth, allows for fulfillment.

    Alec Dawson

    Alec Dawson is a Game Designer currently residing in New York City. As part of Simple Machine, he wishes to create meaningful experiences through games and play. Co-host of Golden Wisp, a podcast dedicated to competitive Hearthstone, and lover of all things Virginia. Alec will graduate in May 2015 with a MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design.

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