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The Beauty District

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    Tresscove is where you go to get your beauty fix! It is the most convenient way to discover & create beauty tutorials, shop the products used, and access the latest beauty articles. Currently, beauty enthusiasts have to visit multiple sites and apps to find inspiration, learn how to get the look, and hunt for the best deals on the products they need. The Tresscove mobile app streamlines that segmented process by creating a new connected way to learn and shop.

    Tresscove believes that beauty comes in many different forms, and its definition is as varied as our diverse community. We aim to celebrate all ideals of beauty, style, and confidence!

    • Celebrate differences through inclusion •
    • Empower each other •
    • Stay honest and authentic •
    • Value the community •
    • Encourage self-expression •

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    With Tresscove you can now create video tutorials and multi-step photo tutorials right on your mobile device. With an easy to use editing room, sharing tips is now as easy as posting a photo to your favorite social network. Testing proved that creating a tutorial on Tresscove is 80% faster than doing so through conventional means, and just as effective.

    With the ability to follow friends and content creators, discovering tutorials created by others is even easier. See something you love? Save it to your favorites and get back to it quickly. #yourewelcome

    What’s even better is that everyone can tag products directly to posts. If you see a look you want to recreate, finding the products to do so is done instantly. With the price comparison feature, you can compare and find the best price for your purchase. Sweet!

    There’s seems to be an endless list of blogs and magazines that we love to read. But getting to them all can be time consuming. Tresscove addresses this problem by giving you direct access to a curated selection of beauty and fashion articles. Now all you have to do is browse the Tresscove Paper.

    Tresscove will be launching Summer 2015. Visit to keep your sanity while you wait. Sign up to stay updated!

    The Tresscove app was designed in full by Kayla Arias and coded by Vermillion Sky, a mobile app development company.

    Kayla Arias

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY - Kayla Arias was first introduced to art through her grandfather's colorful drawings. Since then, visual design has always been a fascination. Before pursuing her MFA in Parsons' Design + Technology program, Kayla Arias graduated with honors from Stony Brook University with a B.A. in Political Science, Sociology, and Digital Arts. She went on to gain professional experience as a Marketing Assistant for CUNY, a Web Producer for A+E Television Networks, and a Mobile intern for Bloomberg L.P. Geared with marketing, editorial, web, design, and mobile experience, Kayla Arias – a longtime consumer of makeup, hair care products, and all the tips and tricks in-between – realized that there was an underserved community in the beauty industry. Instead of being told how to look, why couldn’t we empower each other with our own beauty secrets? It was then that she developed Tresscove, an easy-to-use social beauty app. Tresscove bridges the gap between products and the beauticians, bloggers, and countless beauty enthusiasts who can follow, share, rate, and create the latest beauty trends.

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