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A New Traveling Experience

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    Varanasi is a narrative interaction based on the city culture of Varanasi City. Here are many options in this narrative interaction. The player makes the own choice to create the traveling experience in Varanasi. While the player plays, the player gets the basic traveling information and learns the city culture of Varanasi.

    Varanasi is both a product design and a mobile application. It is a city exploration and a narrative interaction. It works as a traveling guide where people can get the basic travel information about Varanasi City.

    Varanasi is designed based on the real northern Indian city — Varanasi. Varanasi City is the holy city of Hinduism. I visited this city in 2011 and stayed in this city for 10 days. This city made me impressed, and inspired me a lot. As I designer, I decided to create a traveling exploration application to present and represent this city to people with my understanding.

    In this traveling exploration, here are 8 different scenes that based on a one-day city tour in Varanasi city. The player takes the first perspective to go through this city and makes the own traveling experience.

    Xie Tian

    UI/UX Designer

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