Nima Behravan

Born on October 4th, 1988 in Tonekabon, Iran. Nima is a Designer currently residing in Brooklyn and eagerly works on Interaction Design with the great interest on tangible media. He also holds a master of Engineering Management from University of Southern California. Nima is the director of PhotoBook Tehran.


Power Plant

Power Plant is an anthropomorphic ability designed for plants, so they can communicate with humans through speaking interface.

 Power Plant is a speculative design project, giving a houseplant an anthropomorphic ability enabling it to communicate with humans. The project envisions a relationship between plant and human in a shared domestic living environment. This interdependent relationship happens in differing categories that affect the life cycles and chores of both plant and human in their everyday life. Quantifying the plant’s situation with sensors can lead to an interaction that notifies the user. Power Plant is a device that visualizes this interaction through text messages and speaking communication, shaping the emotions of plant transferred to human as a special friend.

The input for the trigger of interaction comes from the electromagnetic wave detector in the system. When the user gets closer to the installation, plant starts to communicate and sending the messages to user. Moreover the inputs that build the text message will come from light, moisture and sound sensor. These text messages are generated based on categories of support (emoji), assistantship (everyday tasks), inspirational (work mood) and resistance (too much ambient sound).

POWER PLANT is your special friend!

Keywords: Speculative Design, Biological Design, Interaction Design, Symbiosis, Power Plant, plant perception, modular situation