Brian Tsukerman

Brian Tsukerman is a physical and digital game designer. Although he likes to wear many hats, he is primarily a programmer and believes that the core of any game is its mechanics and how they allow the player(s) to interact with each other and the reality in which they play.


First World Problems

First World Problems is a free-to-play microgame collection about the kinds of problems we are fortunate to have.

First World Problems is a free-to-play minigame collection for mobile devices about the kinds of problems we are fortunate to have. Despite the rapid growth of technology over the last few decades and the convenience it provides, these benefits have become part of the expected norm, leaving people no less stressed and anxious than they were in the past. This absence of gratitude for modern comforts is also at the core of what makes the “First World Problems” meme comical by highlighting how absurd the complaints of the privileged and entitled can be, which makes it an ideal overarching theme for the games in this collection.

Furthermore, the minigame collection genre is ideal for mobile platforms because the quick but varied minigames allow for both quick play sessions and longer continuous ones. Realizing that this was one of the few genres that have remained unmonetized suggests that this is a potentially untapped niche in a mobile game market that has become increasingly saturated with match-three, card, puzzle, and infinite runner games.