Wynn Mustin

Wynn Mustin is a CAD jewelry designer based in Williamsburg. After her undergraduate studies at Bucknell University and a two year stint as a management consultant for the financial services industry at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, she felt compelled to go back to school in pursuit of a more creative career path. Her work stems from her curiosity about using emerging technologies to make precious analog objects and her nostalgia for the speculative mysticism of pop culture relics like the mood ring.



STONEDALONE is a collection of future talismans that provide contemporary mystical properties suited to our internet-driven age.

STONEDALONE is a collection of speculative future talismans that offer the wearer playful and contemporary mystical properties based on the principles of metaphysical crystal magic. By using derivative 3d printing techniques, this project explores the potential for both technology and myself, a self-proclaimed “cyber mystic”, in the fabrication of modern day talismans and spiritual lore. The colors in each piece are associated with a distinct mystical property suited to our internet-driven age. All together, the collection intends to use digital fabrication to approximate that which is hand made, naturally occurring, and spiritually charged.

Photographer: cheyenne m cohen