Qianjing Liu

My name is Qianjing and I came from China. I was a industrial designer and after two-year studying in MFA DT I have a wider view on multiple area. Now, I also learned a lot about UI/UX design, graphic design and even fine art. Instead of artist, I would rather consider myself as a designer. I always believe design could change details of the world.



View is an interactive installation for audiences to see the importance of collaboration and multiple perspective through a playful experience.

I am creating a playful public installation. Through the experience, audiences will consider the possibility of perceiving the world from other perspectives in the context of their daily lives.

The information we get from media is limited; social media targets us with like-minded information and points of view. We are rarely exposed to opposing opinions or new ideas. Through this project I am exploring how “facts” change depending on our perspectives. I believe that if we can explore the different points of view, we can get closer to the truth.

The project is an interactive installation where multiple people observe from different angles the content inside of a container. The angles represent how media can distort the “facts”. As each participant only gets visual information from one perspective, he or she has to exchange information with others in order to find out the complete content of the container. Together they will reach a conclusion.