Camila Nakamura

Camila is an artist, designer and creative technologist born in Brazil. Her experiences abroad and especially being in contact with different cultures through people helped defining the kind of artist she has become. She is passionate about the intersection of art and technology that brings people closer to themselves and to each other.



Sopro is a self-exploration experience that makes visible the signs one’s body gives about their current state through their heartbeats in a beautiful, whimsical and non-traditional way.

This interactive light sculpture is an artistic exploration of contemporary society and its relationship with sensory and information overload. Its form is a culmination of a study of the current tendency of reconnection of the body and mind through practices like mindfulness, meditation or yoga that can utilize awareness of the present and breathwork to achieve those results.

The experience intends to bring ideas of mindful living to nonpractitioners while allowing people to access their bodies’ physiological behavior as visual feedback with the use of colors. It aims to provoke people’s thoughts on the importance of being present in the moment and to demonstrate that the mind has effects on the body.