Grace Jun

Grace is a researcher and designer in New York. As Educational Director of MIT Open Style Lab and co-founder of Wearshops (a Wearable Tech club initiative at Parsons), she explores clothing and technology centered on social impact, empowerment, and collaborative practice.


Access & Closure

Access and Closure is a functional jacket design for women who have undergone post-surgery breast cancer.

Access & Closure is a series of seven jackets created for women who have undergone post-surgery breast cancer. By rethinking traditional pattern making techniques, clothing closures were used as functional elements. The jacket designs were inspired by conversations and in-person interactions with women who have experienced breast cancer.

Each jacket in the collection solves issues specific to different phases of the recovery process. The final jacket includes interactive technology, allowing the jacket to become a communication tool: spreading awareness of the changes and difficulties breast cancer survivors live through.