Marcos Scheidt

Marcos Scheidt is a Brazilian multimedia artist and video maker. His work incorporates video, technology and performance. He is fascinated with the construction of identity focusing on gender, performance and representation. He regularly paints his nails and knows how to walk in high heels.


Un-Becoming Xica

A multimedia quest that aims to capture and exorcize Xica, the female alter-ego he invented and occupied over the course of the last year.

Un-becoming Xica is a multimedia project that uses performance, sculpture and audiovisuals to investigate the relationship between the body and identity.

Over the course of the past semesters, I have produced a series of devices intended to capture Xica, the female alter-ego that I invented and occupied over the last year. 

My quest was to capture this entity outside of my body, as a means of understanding my relation with her as well as my own ontological experience with identity and my personal experience with gender.

I wanted to explore how different aspects the art of drag can be translated into a multimedia performance that explores what I believe is identity –– a fluid and performative inherent expression of the self, culminating in a site-based act and a short film.